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Water is the source of life and one of the most precious natural resources. Nevertheless, with the fast development of industry, water containing heavy metal ions has become a global environmental threat because of their toxicity and biological accumulation. Thus, we have synthesized a facile 2D-carbon sheet, which is an inexpensive and eco-friendly adsorbent over the synthetic adsorbents. The neem leaves derived 2D-carbon was impregnated with Fe2O3 nanoparticles. The Fe2O3@2D-CS composite was characterized by using XRD, FT-IR, TEM, BET and TGA analysis. This Fe2O3@2D-CS composite was applied for the removal of Pb(II) from aqueous solution. The batch adsorption experiment data was well fitted to Langmuir isotherm model rather than Freundlich model, the adsorption capacity was reached up to 43.47 mg/g at 303 K. The adsorption kinetics study shows that the adsorption of Pb(II) ions equilibrium was achieved within 60 min following a pseudo-second-order model. The Fe2O3 nanoparticles doped 2D-CS can act as an excellent adsorbent for the removal of Pb(II) from the aqueous environment. This study illustrates that Fe2O3@2D-CS nanocomposite can be used for practical applications as a global economic material.

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Radon and Thoron concentrations have been measured in the soil along Jwalamukhi thrust in Himachal Pradesh (North western Himalaya), India. The solid state nuclear track detectors (SSNTD) have been fixed at fourty six locations in the north western part of Hamirpur district of Himachal Pradesh. The values of Radon concentration have been observed in the range 490.75 Bq/m3 to 6797.25 Bq/m3 and Thoron varied from 154 Bq/m3 to a maximum value 8033.5 Bq/m3. Calculated values of porosity for different locations varied in the range 0.91 to 0.99.

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Energy security is the most challenging task of 21st century. But this task needs to get addressed dynamically. There is a need of systematic investigation on potential sources of bio energy and enhancing their yield using scientific methods. This study aims at understanding the effect of Nitrogen supplementation on growth and biomass productivity of microalgae. The effect of Nitrogen supplementation on chlorophyll-a, lipid and carbohydrate content in microalgae consortium has been observed. The effect of two different nutrient media on biomass composition of microalgae consortium at optimized urea concentration has also been observed for 21 days in control, BG-11 and BBM media. The results indicate that at 0.1% Urea treatment the BBM media favours the micro-algal growth compared to the BG-11 media. But, in absence of Urea, the BG-11 media favours growth over BBM media at later stages. Highest value of Chlorophyll-a concentration was reported in T1 (0.1% Urea) followed by Control and T2 (0.5% Urea) on 21st day of cultures.

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Business Intelligence framework has turned out to be a supporter among the most crucial mechanical and authoritative developments.In aPresent-day association that advances information di ssemination, and foundation of Business Basic Leadership Forms (BBLF). Business insight backgrounds join operational information with scientific apparatuses to exhibit intricate and focused data to organizers and leaders. The goal is to enhance the suitability and nature of contributions to the choice procedure. Business Intelligence is utilized to understand the abilities accessible in the firm; the cutting edge, patterns, and future headings in the business sectors, the advances, and the organizational condition in which the firm contends; and the activities of candidates and the complications of these activities. In meanness of the fact that business information frameworks are broadly utilized in industry. This paper, what is the implication of BI in assembling organization in Aurangabad Industry and which BI devices they are utilizing for basic leadership process?

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Kinetics of oxidation of Alanine acid by N-chlorobenzamide was studied in aqueous acetic acid medium at different concentrations of NCB, amino acid, H+, NaClO4 and at different solvent polarities at constant temperature. The study reveals the following kinetic features.The reaction follows first order kinetics with respect to Alanine and N-chlorobenzamide. The rate of the reaction is not affected by an increase in the concentration of sodium perchlroate. The rate of the reaction increase with increase in the acetic acid content in the solvent mixture acetic acid and water. An increase in the concentration of the H+ ion increases the rate of the reaction linearly.

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