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    1 Author(s):  DONGRE MAYUR A.

Vol -  11, Issue- 5 ,         Page(s) : 96 - 101  (2020 ) DOI :


Capsicum annum L. belongs to family Solanaceae. is most widely grown vegetable in the world, and most popular in Asia. the most problematic disease in Asia who causes severe loss in production is caused by Colletotrichum capsici, disease known as anthracnose of chilli. Chilli fruit is consumed green as vegetable or red as a spice. Cultivation of chilli is affected by various factors like cultivation practices and handling during transportation and storage. Anthracnose is a disease caused by Colletotrichum capscici(syd.) E.J. Butler and Bisby (1931) infect both pre-harvest and post-harvest stage. Colletotrichum capscici infect the fruit at maturity and it may lead up to 50% lost in quality and quantity (Cannon et al., 2011). Chilli is nutritionally rich in volatile oil, alkaloids, vitamins, protein, fibre and minerals. Colletotrichum capscici were demonstrated to be highly resistant pathogen and causes disease to most chilli fruits ( Taylor,2007).

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