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    1 Author(s):  ABHINAV SHARMA

Vol -  11, Issue- 1 ,         Page(s) : 11 - 13  (2020 ) DOI :


1. Any hotel is said to be a green hotel it if has acquired a LEED certificate (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). 2. Green hotel can be defined as environment friendly hotel which take initiatives to protect the environment. They follow eco-friendly practices which help in saving natural resources like water, electricity and waste. 3. The factors which help in attaining green hotel certification are Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. How much you have reduced, total AC consumption, water utilization, garbage disposal, utilizing the correct kind of cement. 4. The concept of a green hotel starts from the construction stage, the hotel which has the features and equipment’s incorporated which helps in saving energy, water and reduces waste, this can be done only in the project stage. The second point, the hotel policies and procedures have to be fine-tuned keeping environmental factors in mind. Third, the management has to take this message forward to its internal and external customers.

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