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    1 Author(s):  MANISH KUMAR

Vol -  10, Issue- 1 ,         Page(s) : 103 - 105  (2019 ) DOI :


The Word ‘Honour” means high respect, but don’t seem to be esteemed when “Killing” is added to it. Honour Killing is a cultural crime or a cultural tradition common among the societies of humans who consider women as bearer of whole family honour. Indian culture is very deep rooted and consists of pluralistic society where lots of belief and faith involved or may say regulate the human life. The consideration of women as bearer of family honour is so well entrenched that any attempt by women to claim their rights is seen as an attack on the cultural norms of the society and is strongly contradicted. And these contradicted activities taken by the society or family in the name of honour is known as Honour Killing. Though there is no specific law for such killings, but there are provisions in statues to punish such culprits. Due to this there is no report of such crime or declared as Suicide or Natural death by the family member involved in killing. This paper examines the factors responsible for prevalence of Honour Killings in India, how the honour killing violates human rights as well as other international instruments and about the steps taken by Indian Government to curb the practice.

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