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    1 Author(s):  DR. J. BHATTACHARJEE

Vol -  10, Issue- 1 ,         Page(s) : 50 - 58  (2019 ) DOI :


The main aim of the study was to find out the health condition of the existing building including its structural strength so as to determine whether further extension of structure is possible or not. The existing Structure is an office building of RCC frame structure, located in Noida, India. The general details of the observations was recorded at site and results of in-situ and laboratory tests along with the design analysis & retrofitting of the superstructure of the building, including the foundation has been carried out. In order to assess the condition of the building, a thorough evaluation was performed. The evaluation was done to determine the present structural condition, the need for repair/rehabilitation/retrofitting of the structure to enhance the service life of the structure for the safety of the structure. The scope of work consists of Visual inspection to find out distress, deflection or deterioration in the structure. In addition various NDT Tests were carried out to find out the existing strength of structure to determine the requirement of repair/rehabilitation of structure. Further, revised design of structure was carried out with two additional vertical extensions of building and find out overall requirement of retrofitting.

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